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Spanyol csempe, padlólap széles választékban!


Designcsempe (Design Wall Tile) was established with the idea to sell wall tiles, floor tiles, decors in a relaxed, family like atmosphere.

We don’t push anyone to buy our products, just let our wannabe customers to wander around, check out our variety of samples, go through the catalogs and decide for themselves.

Of course we have a lot of knowledge on colours, materials to be used, recent trends, etc. in case you are seeking this kind of assistance.

You can choose from all the products in our catalogs. If our suppliers have them in their stock then we will provide them in 2-3 weeks. And this way we don’t have the pressure to sell you our materials in our own stock.
So if we have grabbed your attention then check out the calculator for our products and prices and if your are still interested then please visit us personally.

Where are we and when are we open?
Designcsempe Showroom